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The concept of doing freelance work is not new. Freelancers have been around for centuries, doing work as they can with whatever skill sets they have to profit from. In the age of information, freelancing has been on a steady incline. Now we even have what is known as freelance platforms, where companies go looking for talented people to assist them with their projects outside of hiring them on as an employee.

This is where entrepreneurial individuals go to find freelance work, build up a professional profile, and even acquire a reputation. Their are quite a few platforms out there, each with their own system for communications and compensation for freelancers on their work. Even LinkedIn is getting into the freelance marketplace with their new ProFinder network, which I am proud to be a part of.

The reason for this post, however, is to advise anyone looking into freelance platforms to start on the right one. I have created profiles on a few of them, and currently I prefer to search for clients on The real time job postings and commission system makes them right fit for any freelancer. This is also the most popular platform on the net, so this is where the work is. The hardest part of becoming a Freelancer is finding the work, so join the platform that makes it easy to be successful.

Ron Jester
Owner of Jester Freelance Design

Article written for and published on LinkedIn.


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