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If your a website owner or developer, chances are you have used a web template in the past. You might even be using one right now! Going with a web template can often save you a lot of time and money on your website's initial development.

I have used templates several times in the past to give me a quick start on a new personal web project. Some of the templates I find and use are free, while others needed to be purchased. Occasionally, I simply scroll through endless pages of templates to get some new perspectives on layouts. Obviously, as a web designer that often codes from scratch, I don't always use templates. 

The need for web templates, however, is steadily increasing with the amount of web domains being registered on a daily basis. It's a growth market.

Now, are you interested in making some casual commissions with affiliate marketing by selling web templates? If so, I have an affiliate program to let you in on.

The biggest web template website on the internet happens to have a very interesting and potentially lucrative affiliate marketing program. You can easily become a part of it just by signing up! The program has a lot of interesting tools to assist you in selling their templates.

The website in question is TemplateMonster. To sign up, just visit their website and scroll to the footer of the page. You'll see the Affiliate Marketing link at the bottom. Yup, that's the link.

Once you sign up, your ready to start making money. Don't forget to find your affiliate referrer link, and begin the process of linking it somewhere noticeable on your website. Once again, they have a lot of tools to assist you, so check them out and start earning!

I used the RMS2 affiliate tools to set up the TemplateJester website.  

Ron Jester
Owner of Jester Freelance Design

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